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20 May 2024 Webinar on GENDERED SPEECH “Words can hurt" Necessities and Clarifications A webinar co-organized by the Gender Equality and Anti-Discrimination Committee (EIFCD) of ELGO-DIMITRA and the Working Group "Balancing Professional and Personal Life - Inclusive Environment" of the EIFCD Network of Research Centers took place on Monday, May 13, 2024. View more

22 Sep 2023 Fires in Greece and assessment of impacts in the NATURA 2000 network Fire fronts throughout Greece, incalculable disasters in the forest ecosystems reveal the need to develop restoration actions, as they are recorded in the following article regarding the impacts of the wildland fires of the year 2023 on the habitat types of the Natura 2000 network View more

22 Aug 2023 The invaluable richness of native varieties of trees and vines is the subject of three new works edited by ELGO-DIMITRA researchers 1.    Almonds, apricots, plums, cherries, peaches, pears!!! Get to know and prefer the local varieties of these fruits View more

02 May 2023 Squizing-out medicinal plants wastes: can be more than a waste?   Nanoencapsulation of bioactive compounds from plant by products to produce sensitive skin cosmetics View more

02 May 2023 Participation of ELGO to the EXCEL4MED project for the development of excellence hubs and innovation ecosystems in the Mediterranean area The excellence hub EXCEL4MED is an initiative to strengthen Mediterranean innovation excellence in innovation ecosystems focusing on the production of nutritious food products and the valorization of food industrial side-streams. It is a cross-border collaboration between Greece, Malta and France on a common strategy on strengthening the Mediterranean food added-value chains. View more

02 May 2023 FunShield4Med: A new action for leveraging Research and Innovation skills (against mycotoxins threat) FunShield4Med is a new Coordination and Support Action at European level, funded by the Horizon Europe programme. The project has been launched on 1st of December 2022, with duration of 36 months. The Kick-Off Meeting of its Consortium took place on the 13th of December 2022 by ELGO-DIMITRA at NKUA facilities (Dept of Chemistry) in Athens, serving as the starting point of FunShield4Med project. View more

02 May 2023 ELGO - DIMITRA celebrates the centennial anniversary of the Institute of Industrial and Forage Crops Institute of Industrial and Forage Crops An event to celebrate the centennial anniversary of the establishment of the Institute of Industrial and Forage Crops of ELGO - DIMITRA was held in Larissa on Monday 27 March 2023.The main speakers were Emeritus Professor of Genetics of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and former Minister of Rural Development and Food A. Tsaftaris and Professor K. Karantininis of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. The event was coordinated by the journalist G. Roustas. View more