Scientific support & analyses

Supports the primary production sector

ELGO-DIMITRA supports the primary production sector by providing specialized services and analyses from its accredited - in most cases - units.

Indicatively offered are:

  • Analyses for the detection of genetically modified organisms and salmonella, for the determination of soil-water-plant tissue-solid and liquid waste content, olive oil quality and hemp content, in THC, CBD and CBG, surveys for the presence of quarantine pests (insects, viruses), molecular genotyping of animals and plants, provision of specialized veterinary analyses and production and distribution to farmers of vaccines for disease prevention.
  • Supporting companies in the field of cotton fiber quality control with more than 15,000 determinations-tests per year.
  • Checking-certification of type of agricultural machines-tractors.
  • Type and design approvals for the creation of modern greenhouse facilities.
  • Studies for grazing land management.
scientific support