Institute of Fisheries Research


Ιnterdisciplinary research focusing on fisheries, the aquatic environment (coastal, transitional, and inland waters), aquaculture, and on the valorization of fisheries’ products and by-products.

The Institute of Fisheries Research (IFR) is one of the 11 Institutes of the General Directorate of Agricultural Research of ELGO-DIMITRA.

Head of the Institute is Dr G. Krey Research Director.

General information
The institute

The Fisheries Research Institute (INALE) is one of the 11 Institutes of the General Directorate of Agricultural Research of ELGO-DIMITRA. IFR has been operating since 1993 in Nea Peramos, Kavala, as the only Institute in Greece with exclusive specialization in fisheries.

Research at INALE focuses on the:
  1. Management of fisheries resources through the study of the biology, ecology, and population dynamics of marine organisms of economic and/or ecological interest and the environmental (physico-chemical, oceanographic) parameters that affect them
  2. Study of fish fauna in relation to the natural environment in inland waters 
  3. Study of plant and animal organisms living mainly on the bottom of transitional and coastal ecosystems and their interactions
  4. Development of new, environmentally friendly technologies in the fields of processing of fishery products, aquaculture of animal and plant organisms, and biotechnological utilization of fishery and aquaculture products and by-products.

INALE maintains collections of biological and genetic material of aquatic animals (vertebrates and invertebrates) and plants (macro- and micro-algae).

INALE has specialized research and service structures. In particular:
  • Chemical/biochemical laboratory for the assessment of the quality of fishery products, as well as for the assessment of the quality of the marine environment
  • Infrastructure and expertise for oceanographic research in coastal waters and specialized equipment and apparati for underwater research for environmental monitoring and biodiversity assessments in marine areas of special interest, including artificial reefs.
  • Facilities and expertise for monitoring the environmental quality and the biodiversity of inland waters
  • Genetic identification of aquatic organisms and identification of species in processed fishery products in specialized laboratories

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