Agricultural Research Committee

A seven-member Agricultural Research Committee operates in the General Directorate of Agricultural Research, which is the central body for the implementation of the research objectives of ELGO - DIMITRA

According to article 12 of Law 5035/2023 (A' 76) the Agricultural Research Committee has decisive powers for the implementation of laws 4310/2014 (A' 258) and 4957/2022 (A' 141). With the decision No. 1527/138395 (12/5/2023) of the Minister of Rural Development and Food as applicable, the responsibilities are defined and issues of organization and operation of the Agricultural Research Committee are regulated in article 13 of Law 5035/2023.

Today, the Agricultural Research Committee comprises the following members (per decision No. 112/11791 dated 15/01/2024 by the Minister of Rural Development and Food, (ADA: 99ΕΡ4653Γ-8Α2):

  1. Chairman of the Committee: Professor Nektarios Vidakis, Vice-President 1 of the Organization, with deputy member Mr. Panagiotis Hatzinikolaou, Vice-President 2 of the Organization.
  2. Dr. Anastasia Tsagkarakou, Head of the General Directorate of Agricultural Research.
  3. Dr. Irini Pittara, Director of the Institute of Mediterranean Forest Ecosystems, with deputy member Dr. Grigorio Krey, Director of the Fisheries Research Institute.
  4. Dr. Antonio Zdraga, Director of the Institute of Veterinary Research, with deputy member Dr. Georgios Psarras, Director of the Olive, Subtropical Plants & Vine Institute.
  5. Dr. Georgios Arabatzi, Director of the Institute of Soil and Water Resources, with deputy member Dr. Dimitrios Vlachostergios, Director of the Institute of Industrial & Livestock Plants.
  6. Dr. Panagiotis Kougia, representative of the research staff of ELGO-DIMITRA, with deputy member Dr. Georgia Ouzounidou.
  7. Dr. Georgia Chondroleou, representative of the Ministry of Development and Food, with deputy member Mr. Andreas Karasarini.
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